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FDX SPORTS in London - UK shops for the traveler Directory

  • FDX SPORTS - UK shops for the traveler Companies Directory
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  • ID:1699
  • Title: FDX SPORTS
  • Web address: https://fdxsports.co.uk    report broken link
  • Description:

    FDX was founded in 2013 and stemmed from my personal experiences as an enthusiastic cyclist on the lookout for good-quality and stylish clothing that was also reasonably priced. From the very beginning, FDX was determined to make quality cycling clothing available and accessible to cyclists of all abilities and genders from the commuter to the weekend rider, from the lone wolf to the team member.

    Six years later down the line, FDX is one of the fastest growing companies in in the UK and has become the brand of choice for those who appreciate our extensive and eye-catching range of products.

    Our dedication to providing the highest quality cycling products backed up with the highest standards of customer service is seeing FDX develop a growing reputation worldwide as a supplier of premium-yet-affordable cycling and compression gear. It's a journey that's only just begun.

    FDX was born out of desire to let anyone join us for the ride, literally anyone who wants to. Our first and foremost goal has always been to produce cycling apparel that echoed our slogan of and#8220;cycling apparel for alland#8221;. Whether pro or amateur, athlete or a casual rider, we want to live and breathe the essence of the sport we love the most, and the freedom it brings. Plus we won't ride alone, we want to take the entire cycling community with us.

    Perceived and founded by a student with a dream of affordable cycling wear in his heart, Fdx commenced its operations, literally in a three roomed apartment with an investment of 1500 pounds or something even lesser than that. From there, a shared office with wooden cabins to warehouses in three different continents of the world, we have seen it all. And yes, weand#8217;ve come a long way.

    A team that started off with two brothers and a friend, grew to 21, and counting. A total of 6 jerseys in the catalog became 56. Our squad and our objectives, continues to grow, worldwide

    From day one to today, the only place where we didnand#8217;t let change go its way was our ideology, what we stand and strive for has remained virtually the same. We take great pride when we say we are not just another cycling brand, trying to make profits for our pockets. We have had a mission, a mission to inspire the cycling community to adopt innovation with the gear they wear.

    We are dedicated to being reasonable with our pricing, so there is something for everyone, ultimately uniting the world for the sport we love. From 2013, weand#8217;ve done it our way and have had a bloody blast doing it. Because, letand#8217;s be honest, if it isnand#8217;t your way, whatand#8217;s the sense of doing it? The same message echoes in our mentality, living for the sense of freedom and fun that cycling brings.

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  • Category:UK shops for the traveler Directory
  • Country: England
  • City:London
  • Address: FDX Sports Ltd 70 Portia Way United Kingdom.
  • Postcode: E3 4JH
  • Phone: 442086170050
  • Nearest station: Greater london
  • Date Added:2020-06-24 13:20:03
  • Hits:1130
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