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Somewhere To Move England in Surrey - On-line Guides UK Directory

  • Somewhere To Move England - On-line Guides UK Companies Directory
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  • ID:1831
  • Title: Somewhere To Move England
  • Web address: https://somewheretomove.com    report broken link
  • Description:

    Somewhere To Move is a digital catalogue bringing you all the critical issues that matter when looking for a new place to live. It compiles government statistics on crime levels, school performance, house prices, and voting behaviour for the whole of England to provide a clear and intuitive picture of the country.

    The data powering Somewhere To Move is aggregated from numerous official sources, and is tied together geographically using the Office for National Statistics Coding System. As a result of changing code boundaries over time, there are some areas where data cannot be accurately mapped. These can be seen as missing segments in certain charts and maps. The general approach has been to prefer gaps than substantial modification of the underlying data. The data sources used can be accessed from the corresponding section below.

    Understanding Educational Metrics
    In order to provide useful insights around school performance, a wide range of educational metrics are used by the site, covering key stages in the schooling process. While we have attempted to provide understandable relative comparisons, the underlying meaning behind these metrics may not be immediately obvious, and so a variety of resources are available below to assist in the interpretation of these metrics.

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  • Category:On-line Guides UK Directory
  • Country: England
  • City:Surrey
  • Postcode: GU1 3JR
  • Phone: +447545701940
  • Date Added:2021-08-10 03:06:55
  • Hits:89
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