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Attractions in UK - Tourist attractions UK directory, Directory of UK travel and tourist attractions websites.

Britain is a country with many faces where everyone discovers something for everyone. We have here a modern and bustling metropolises and tourist attractions are the prehistoric times. The highlight of any tour of the country to be in London. It is the heart of all this land. It is in this city creates the entire modern history and politics of the country. For this reason, here we plan the beginning of his quest for the UK. Fortunately, the city has a number of low-cost lines.

If you plan to see interesting places in the UK should take the direction of the interior of the south-east of England. There is a diocese of Canterbury, where he was a martyr's death, Thomas Becket'a. This region is one of the richest in the country due to its agricultural traditions and also because of our proximity to the capital. Following further west we find ourselves at the rocky coast of Cornwall. In this region, it is worth to spend time to visit Salisbury. It is a city where you will find the highest in the UK cathedral spire having a height 123 m. There also is the oldest working clock in Europe. Of course you can not skip the cult of magic and surrounded by monuments today Neolithic times, or stone circles of Stonehenge and of Avebury.

I kept moving toward the west encounter the second largest city in England. This port city is the capital of South Bristol West, which is a region known for extremely impressive demonstrations of balloons. This region also conceals the Roman Baths in Bath and Exeter Cathedral. Following more to the center are other attractions in the UK that we face is the oldest university cities of Oxford and they are Cambridge. There are also catered for art lovers. They should direct his step toward the city of Shakespeare - Stratford. North of England is a large industrial cities such as Manchester, Newcastle and Liverpool. Outside the industry also is famous for its strong football clubs. The historical treasure seekers should go to York and Durham. By visiting this country, we have the opportunity to come into contact with many diverse attractions, but they are a magnet for tourists.

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